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Training the Athlete Within

Sarah’s training regime revolves around the principles of cross training, holistic care and absolute adherence to maintaining the well being of the animal’s physical and mental state, regardless of discipline. Manners and basic skills are paramount in every horse. Sarah also demands that horses fit their jobs -- No horse is asked to perform in a discipline that is not suited to the horse’s temperament and athletic prowess.

Two options are available for the discriminating owner. Finished training is recommended for all horses that need to be started or finished in any discipline or require extensive retraining to reach their training goals.

Condition training is reserved for horses who are fully trained in their respective discipline but require continued maintenance to maintain their performance.

Sarah is well versed and accomplished in the following disciplines:

  • Saddle seat
  • Hunt seat
  • Western
  • Driving
  • Halter
  • Trail
  • Show hack

Anything is possible! No More Lies, a 14 year old Baskaro son with limited under saddle work shows his potential after a few short months with Sarah. Who says old dogs can’t learn a few tricks…

Winfield Whiz Kid plays circus pony with Sarah, his owner. Don’t teach this at home!


Our lesson program is geared toward the rider looking to reach their best potential and give their horse the best rider every horse deserves. Lessons are open to all ages and disciplines interested in discovering the joy of riding the mind of an Arabian. As the saying goes, you don’t ride an Arabian’s body, you ride its mind. Proper equitation is paramount and is focused upon regardless of age or discipline.

Riders are presented with challenging lessons based on their own personal goals. Ultimate goals are broken down into manageable monthly lessons. A timetable is presented to keep rider and horse on track. Sarah’s extensive teaching experience ensures that lessons are interesting, motivating and achievable. Riders are enveloped in theory and shown how to put theory into practice.

Not all trainers can teach, and not all teachers can train. Sarah is both a trainer and teacher – excelling in both.

“My teachings must strive to create horsemen who will stand for the well being of the horse. This field is a competitive one and the horsemen who come forth from my barn must represent a philosophy of fairness and caring for the horse. All other goals come after this. There is an innate goodness in the rider and horse coming together as one. The horse is the ultimate teacher. If my students are not moved by the spirit of the horse and inspired to be the best horsemen they can be, then I have taught them nothing.”

Back In The Saddle Club BITS Club is our newest lesson program concept and we are excited to bring it to the public.

  • Age appropriate grouping levels equals age appropriate presentation of topic information Little Bits, Junior and Senior Bits, Adult Rusty Bits!
  • Carriage and Pleasure Driving group Rusty Wheels, all ages.
  • Individualized lesson plans based on skill level and age.
  • Well rounded concepts work on many breeds and disciplines.
  • Monthly Group activities Bits and Pieces Day at the farm, Field trips, Guest speakers.
  • Two experienced instructors teaching cooperative lesson plans.
  • Hard copy lesson worksheets and educational materials with simple proficiency tests to track your progress.
  • One Time Sign up fee includes BITS Book and start up learning resources, student orientation to the farm and program, initial projected lesson lay out schedule.
  • Our horse or yours, no need to board at our farm to be involved. Ship ins welcome.
Call us now to get your riding and driving ramped up and full throttle for 2013!

Every student gets my full attention whether at a national event or a local one-day show. Stephanie Sanicky and I review her strategy as she prepares to enter and win a Championship Showmanship class at her 4-H club year end horse show during the Medina County Fair.

Lesson Schedule

NO riding lessons December

Academic School year – Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:00pm – 7:30pm and Saturday 12:00pm – 4:00pm

June, July, August – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 1:00pm – 7:30pm

Lessons are private and group depending on the riders scheduled at any given time.


Winfield Farm & Forge boast one of the finest boarding barns in the area. Our extensive knowledge of the Arabian breed allows us to cater to the social and intelligent nature of these horses. Unlike other mixed-breed boarding barns, there is no misunderstanding or being the minority breed, the crazy Aye-rab, in this barn. Other breeds are also welcome as we treat all our clients' horses as if they are our own. Applications are always being taken for the available stalls. We encourage a professional yet relaxed atmosphere, blending our boarding and training clients together seemlessly in a farm family atmosphere. This arrangement offers amateur riders the opportunity to be in a training barn without the cost. They have access to a trainer's eye, the lesson program, the professionalism of a training barn.

Amenities include:

  • 12 x 12 stalls all with a window, heated water buckets, fans, rubber mats
  • Multiple turnout arrangements
  • Stalls cleaned 7 days a week
  • Lab tested quality hay fed four times daily
  • Grain options and supplements offered
  • Heated lounge with viewing to arena
  • Heated restroom
  • 140 x 80 arena with dust free footing
  • Private client tack lockers
  • Hot and cold water indoor wash bay
  • New fencing throughout


Winfield Farm & Forge enjoys a full schedule of Class A Arabian horse shows from April to October. Beginner riders are encouraged to get their feet wet at the local show circuit. This is a cost-effective way to introduce riders to competition until they are ready for the big time. A regularly scheduled set of local shows is always available to our riders new to showing.

Our prices are varied depending upon the show, so please see our Fees & Forms page for more details on what this service includes.

Sarah & Tamar Kathmandu

Ann Marie Burrows & Canadian Guard, her wonderful gelding

Stephanie Sanicky & her Hackney Pleasure Pony, Sneakers
Ebony Prince Diablo, half Arab gelding owned by Maggie Schlund, goes both Hunt & Western

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